Our Smokehouse

Mikeska’s offers the finest in smoked products. We smoke all of our products on the premises using fresh cut meats. We take pride in the curing process and hand select and cut each piece of meat used for jerky, beef sticks, salami and sausage. Special seasonings and black pepper are used to add just the right flavor.

All smoked products are available at Mikeska’s Freeway Location. Items can be ordered by phone and shipped to any location. Simply call 1-800-388-2552, place your order, charge it over the phone and we will ship your order within two days.

COMPRESSED smokehouse
COMPRESSED smokehouse
COMPRESSED smokehouse

Come by our freeway location and sample our smoked products. We’ll wrap your freshly-smoked orders at the counter the old-fashioned way or you can have state-of-the-art Cry-O-Vac packaging. Packages are weighed to suit your needs. You can buy it by the pound or just one piece. Our prices are competitive, our products are fresh and we sell them fast. It’s a good idea to place any large orders ahead of time. We’ll have it packaged and ready to go. These items make great gift boxes, especially around the holidays. Come by or call today!

We prepare a long list of ready-to-eat homemade smoked products including the following:

  • Beef Jerky (Peppered or Plain)
  • Turkey Jerky (Peppered or Plain)
  • Plain Salami
  • Salami with Jalapeno and Cheese
  • Beef Sticks
  • Smoked Turkeys (Whole)
  • Homemade 1/2 & 1/2 Sausage (Beef & Pork)
  • Fresh Prime Cut Bacon